Writing about an exhibition we’ve not been yet could be quite tricky, but we can tell you, this one is a definite go. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam presents a large selection of its diverse fashion collections in an exhibition designed by world-renowned Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

Six galleries of the Philips Wing will be dedicated to fashion of the Dutch from 1625 to 1960. Starting with garments worn by members of the Frisian branch of the house of Nassau in the Golden Age, the exhibits will feature vibrantly coloured French silk gowns and luxurious velvet gentlemen’s suits of the eighteenth century, classically-inspired Empire dresses and bustles of the Fin de Siècle culminating in twentieth-century French haute couture by Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

According to Erwin Olaf, The challenge and honour of designing this exhibition, Catwalk, for the most extraordinary museum in the Netherlands came at exactly the right moment for me. For several years now I’ve been exploring alternative ways to present my photographic work and to integrate it in installations, sound, video and films as means to immerse viewers in a world that fires and challenges their personal imaginations and, ultimately, sparks a stimulating dialogue between the viewer and the work on view.

Catwalk. Fashion at the Rijksmuseum.
20 February through 16 May 2016

Images by Erwin Olaf (except for the wedding gown with flowers)


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