where the thin lines meet, the pale borders embrace eachother
where the symbolism of the daily can gently push you in another direction…
where dance meets art meets theatre meets styling meets fashion meets me…



In 2012, ellen:truijen participated at SALON/Maastricht with her performance ‘Dandelion’. SALON/ is a platform for fashion, design, art and culture, where both young and upcoming talents and established designers and artists present their work on various locations throughout the city, creating a cultural route. Every location leads to a specific presentation, which can take the shape of an installation. SALON/ aspires to stimulate the interaction between designer, public and space, where experience takes central stage.

With each new edition, SALON/ aspires to connect the existing network to new participants; this time to a creative network in Maastricht and the Euregion. Far beyond traditional oppositions as between center and periphery, craft and concept, fashion and art, and commerce and autonomy, the project primarily addresses how new generations of artists and designers work (together) and give expression to their ideas. SALON/Maastricht is realized in collaboration with Marres, Bureau Europa and FASHIONCLASH.

Ellen: ‘During the Academy of Arts I did a lot of performances, looking for a way to combine my dance background with art. I have trained for so many years on such a high level, and it still influences everything, although I choose to go into another direction. It is not the actual dancing I did, it is the mentality and the approach of things, hidden in my body. -You can get the girl of out dancing, but you can’t get dance out of the girl- kind of thing… It’s funny: even when I meet other artists, whether they work a as photographer, actor or graphic designer, I can immediately pick out the dancers among them.

So for SALON/Maastricht I decided to give it a go, and see what would happen if I combined all this with my present job. Fashion, dance, styling and Rob’s mesmerizing steel guitar.’

performance: Ellen Truijen
lapsteelguitar: Rob Truijen
artistic guidance: Yvette van der Slik
video: Bob van Boven / Mamvi