I already mentioned that turning 40 is not so bad at all. Besides having a real good reason to throw a party, I was spoiled to the bone
by my friends and family. Considering springtime that hopefully will arrive soon with some real sun, I would like to point out one gift exclusively. After dreaming about it for a while my first Susanne Kaufmann product was a fact. A nice bottle of Body Oil is now officially in my possession. Something nice to share I thought and emailed the head office in Bezau for some press material, explaining we would love to write a piece on our blog about Susanne’s products.

Susanne Kaufmann’s life and work seemingly effortlessly combines extremes such as the traditions of the Bregenz Forest and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The origin is the intact nature of the Bregenz Forest, where an enormous treasure trove of local plants and herbs are still found today. The knowledge regarding the healing powers of these plants has been passed on from generation to generation. Susanne Kaufmann is a part of this tradition. She began transforming her fascination for the powers of these plants into a visionary cosmetic line. Together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, she developed consistently results-oriented products from precious natural ingredients. Skin-specific formulas and the greatest possible compatibility were part of the concept from the very beginning. All ingredients are harvested in the wild and cultivated organically.

As having another birthday we received 2 products to test and write about. What a thrill!! This morning Sanne and I locked ourselves in the bathroom and came out completely detoxed and ready for spring : )

We started with Detox Oil Scrub. Let’s not forget to mention that besides the beautiful line of organic quality products the whole packaging and presentation is a feast for the eye. Timeless, sober and with a little wink. (See the little birdy hopping by). No wonder I can relate to these range of products that much.

Opening the thick glass jar was surprising and pleasant. The thick oily paste with cheery dots of poppy seeds and apricot kernels looked so delicious as if you could eat it. But all is in there for a purpose of course.

The high-quality sesame oil works as a fine-molecular and caring base. Alkaline apricot kernels are used as peeling particles to help the skin retain its neutral pH value. Fine-grained poppy seeds invigorate with their massaging effect: Circulation of the blood to the body’s tissues is promoted and the skin’s surface gently smoothed’.

And we can only tell you: Yes, that’s true. Just love it. The tender scent of apricot is so fresh but so subtle, which personally I can appreciate a lot. I really hate it when body care products have such a strong smell that using your daily perfume would conflict with it odour-wise.

The Moisturizing Spray is, and we agree : ‘A tenderly scented, pleasantly refreshing spray for the face, neck and décolletage’. With the calming active ingredient witch-hazel and moisturising silk proteins. Ideal as a permanent item to carry around in your bag ; ) for city life or traveling. You can also use it for keeping make up in place!! We say: A keeper…

Now we have only one problem, you cannot be fooled by real quality, which means this is only the beginning.



Images below by Susanne Kaufmann


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