ET care

We advise you to spray your bag with a natural spray for leather, to avoid putting your bag behind glass in direct sunlight (for instance in your car),
to be careful with unwashed denim in combination with light coloured leather, to store your bag in the dustbag which you can find inside of your bag,
to put the shoulderstraps in the bag if you store it in the dustbag and last but not least, to enjoy your bag to the fullest.


We believe our bags are getting more beautiful by aging and wearing and noticed some of you are getting more and more attached to a bag.
That’s why we came up with our so-called patch-up service. The beautiful worn leather stays, but your bag gets a new zipper and fresh new cotton inner lining.
Perfect for bags with a broken zipper, spilled coffee or pen marks inside. If you would like to use this service, please send an email to
The costs for the patch-up service are 45,00 euros, excluding shipping. Patch-up service takes up to 4-6 weeks after we received the bag.