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eefje rocks!

her visit grew into a cosy chattering with tea and strawberry pie

first ladies: kate bush

Singer, writer, composer, dancer, producer, mime player, performer and most of all true artist.

From Italy to iittala

Shards bring good fortune, so it says… Unless it concerns my Iittala collection!

tramping treasures taken by tim

We have a lot of small treasures; everyone of our little family collects them.

a little italian escape with moma

In a certain way, only the artisan Gironacci brothers themselves can provide that raw ‘Moma magic’.


If you are in Utrecht, don’t forget to take a look at this beautiful pearl.

mirror mirror… by hay

Uncomplicated aesthetics they call it… You’ve got me!

detoxification with susanne kaufmann

As having another birthday we received 2 products to test and write about. What a thrill!


The biggest museum in our backyard. During TEFAF 2016 in Maastricht with Ferran Adria: Notes on Creativity at Marres, House for Contemporary Culture ~ Jip Linckens at LB Lena Berens Studio Store ~ Six Artists / Six Pieces at de Meldkamer with amongst others John Franzen and Valentin Loellmann.

‘chroma key’ by Esther Janssen at ALEX51

Esther Janssen is a painter without paint.