11 ½ kg – A project where bags and art meet

During Fashionclash festival, an annual fashion event in Maastricht, ellen:truijen collaborated with artist Sanne Vaassen. Filling the suede Shopper bag with fluid plaster, making the invisible visible in a very poetic and pure way. The void suddenly becoming tangible, creating an subtle piece of art of an everyday utensil.

Ellen: ‘When I saw Sanne’s graduation work last year, I was touched by its subtleness and poetic atmosphere. For me, she can make the invisible visible in a very pure approach of her surroundings’.

Sanne Vaassen (1991, NL) studied fine arts at the ABKM in Maastricht, currently participant at the Van Eyck. She’s intrigued how a grain of sand from the desert can fall on her cheek in the form of a raindrop by the evaporation of water in a distant land. She seeks for these controls and forces that are outside of us, and translates these in video, performance and installations. Often a transformation becomes visible and new worlds can be discovered.