A little while ago wallpaper approached us for their Maastricht city guide edition. As we are always in for a nice shoot, we told them we would be pleased to be in. Tim van de Velde, a photographer who lives in Brussels, visited our shop to shoot some images.

It was a nice cooperation and we thought we might as well plan a shoot of our home too. It appeared somewhere in a home related magazine, but for ourselves we were waiting for a nice platform to share some of the beautiful pictures taken.

What I can appreciate very much in Tim’s work is that he captures the spirit of the people living in the house. He has an eye for the purpose of how things behave in their surroundings. We have a lot of small treasures; everyone of our little family collects them. Bumblebees found in the garden, stones from a trip we made, pottery from a flea market.

They’re all gathered in our house. Apparently displayed randomly, but nothing is less true. In fact it is a very detailed matter. Every little thing, whether it’s a drawing, a shell or a vase, is put in a combination or composition with a purpose. Little personal stories appear, with even more tiny details of what the story is about.

Often you see images ‘made’, but Tim captures them. That is just lovely and inspiring… Hope you get inspired too!


photography Tim van de Velde
styling Ellen Truijen


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