Ellen Truijen (Stramproy, 1976) has always been a creator. First 
in elementary school, arguing with her teacher about the shape
 of her clay pot. Creating her own world by sewing and dreaming
about being a show dance star. In high school she actually trained for
attending a Dance Academy every day of the week, but
decided to switch to get a degree in fashion and textile design instead.

During an internship,  unable to express her development throughout
this three-year education in a written report,
Ellen decided to do her first  performance. A fairytale-like
coming of age dance, putting together her own costume,
choreography, stage props and music.

 At the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, Ellen  
choose sculpting where she could develop her 
predilection for materials, use her love for tactility 
and delicacy and was able to do more performances.

Apart from the performances, she graduated 
with an installation, consisting of porcelain molars and 
different vertebrae, always continuously trying to 
explore her own frame of reference.

Later stating: 'Everything had to be white-white-white.
Actually all I did was styling, but that was a dirty word in art.'

After her graduation Ellen was asked to join a new
dancing collective by one of her favorite choreographers.
While trying to initiate a dance company, riding the train
everyday on 
her own in between mind numbing jobs
like wrapping chocolate 
bars and stitching banners,
dancing became more and more of a 
physical and mental burden.

Meanwhile, she was given several assignments 
through the design agency her husband
was working at, like 
producing cushions, curtains and
fashion props. 
Those jobs were concrete and 
Ellen could be her own boss, taking care of everything:
From designing and managing costs, to producing a
satisfying end product. Making her 
and the client very happy.

This triggered her decision to quit at her
dancing peek. She found a part-time job
working at a high-end interior and textile store
 while developing ideas and products
in her spare time.

She soon found friends and acquaintances eager
to get their hands on one of her designs.

This prompted her to start thinking about a
collection and she founded her own label,
simply called ellen:truijen in 2002.

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