Curated used to be an online gift service (unfortunately it no longer exists) starring special products, particularly selected by inspiring curators. Joachim Baan, one of the curators and also known for his online inspiration platform Another Something & Company asked Ellen to develop a one-of-a-kind product. This resulted in a limited edition key-cord with embossed Another Something logo and accompanied little cotton dust bag.

Joachim: ‘Eight years ago I got a little wallet from a friend of mine. A friend of hers, Ellen Truijen, had started her own label and she asked me what I thought of it. I was hooked. Everything Ellen Truijen makes breathes an extreme refined simplicity, translated in bags and accessories made of super soft and supple leather. After this first little wallet more and more followed. From notebook covers and comfortable bags to simple key-cords. The last item became my all time favourite, because wherever I travel to, I am always having it with me. A simple, beautiful leather key-cord, handmade of that fine leather which is so characteristic for Ellen Truijen’s work. Especially for Curated she made a new version. A collaboration between Rob and Ellen Truijen and myself, numbered and personalized for Curated, for you.’

Ellen: ‘I remember seeing a picture taken by Joachim, showing a collection of tasteful items with my little wallet in the middle… He was already into blogging back then – when that concept was just invented! Joachim is such an inspiring person, with great eye for detail. When he asked me about my keychain as a giveaway for Curated, I was so happy to know that one of my earliest designs still is one of his favourites.’