Arnhem, the Netherlands, 1981. We were not punk. We were Weverstraat. Humanoid just happened. No philosophy. Doing something.

Dutch brand Humanoid (human-oid, literally: like a human) is a favourite. Their clean and elegant designs are every season on top of our wishlist. They describe it themselves as expressive, creative, authentic, but always functional and contemporary. Just the way we like it. For the keen observer, we worked together with Humanoid for our spring / summer campaign. You cannot have missed the silk yellow suit! Their own summer campaign breaths a cosy and relaxed vibe with neutral colors, stripes and prints.

If you happen to be in Arnhem any time soon, their own flagship store has a beautiful mix of brands, like (ofcourse..!) Humanoid, Acne Studios, Hope, Monique van Heist, Wouters & Hendriks, Aesop and more.

Images from the Humanoid website, shot by Anne Dokter