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To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we decided to do something special. We approached 10 creatives who have been an inspiration for
Ellen in any sort of way over the past few years. Each person received a box with a bag, selected by Ellen, accompanied with a personal letter. Here we show you 3 out of 10 results.


Hi lucky you,

You inspired me at some moment(s), somewhere, somehow. Here’s some inspiration from me for you.
I hope you like eachother. Maybe now, maybe later. Looking forward to what you’re up to, and only can
wish you a good time. 
Do what you think you should do with the bag. It’s yours, I do not want it back.

Big kiss,
Lucky me


Julie Cordewener – graphic designer / illustrator
( Little Horseshoe in Nubuck Ebony )
‘Our dear Julie who shared life and work with us for a long time. Inspirator for her eye for detail,
her intelligent humor, her drawings and her perfect sense for the written word. Thanks.’



Andy Tan – photographer

( Grumpy Grandpa in Vintage Ebony )
‘Some inspirators I hardly know actually. That’s the story with Andy. Intrigued by the sensuality in his esthetic images
and the fact he had eye for a leather top I once accidentally made of an old and a bit ruined piece of leather.’



Muriëlle Scherre – designer of La Fille d’O lingerie / entrepreneur
( Moth in Dirty Liver )
What I feel Muriëlle and I have in common is the fact that we both do not do any concessions in our work, we produce in our own country
and we pretty much started our business at the same moment. Sometimes we have a chat or email contact. Sharing some thoughts and positive vibes. In any case I got totally addicted to her flattering and elegant lingerie.’



Taylor Kirk – frontman Timber Timbre
( Daddy Cool in Cognac Core )
‘Fascinated by the dark tones of his voice and songs. I think that hint of darkness colours Taylor’s life… So nice to meet him at festival ‘les Ardentes’ in Luttich in July 2014. But shaken up after having read what happened afterwards! It led to this remarkable reply on the ‘Lucky You’-item. Can’t you almost hear the lyrics of a new little dark hymn…?’

Taylor: ‘I was attacked while I waited for you at the bar. I defended myself and ended up with a broken jaw and hand. Security escorted me outside the festival to the police, whom I was so glad to see until they attacked me as well. It’s an amazing story that goes on and on… but here I am back in Toronto about to have my hand reset and my mouth wired shut for 4 weeks. Daddy cool in town. Was really nice meeting you and your beautiful family. Take care for now. X T.’