Mirror Mirror…. Turning fourty isn’t so bad I mentioned in my previous post… But then you get this present; a beautiful HAY mirror, how confronting life can be ; )

HAY was founded in 2002 (same as ellen:truijen):

Within a year the first furniture collection of HAY was a fact and in 2005 they launched an accessory line with selected products found around the world. These products had an original story and were perfect for both the modern workplace and private homes.’

It is still this standard HAY aims for in the development of their beautiful accessories nowadays. From scissors to candle holders, spoons, table linen, postcards, stationary, you name it and it is there in its very addictive presence. Uncomplicated aesthetics they call it… You’ve got me! Basic and straightforward but also stylish in an understated way.

My own collection is secretly growing fast, I noticed; LUP, Kaleido , Clip Clip spoon, brass Scissors, an orange friend of Bits and Bobs colour family and Mirror Mirror for this moment as icing on the cake. I really agree they can be proud at the age of Danish Modern. They put Denmark on the global map with their humanistic design, which they easily combine with quality, craftsmanship and democratic pricing.

HAY ho, let’s go to www.hay.dk

all images from HAY